How Does No Compete Offers Works?

How "No compete groups" work for offers?

When multiple offers are in the same no-compete group only the one with the highest weighting will be visible to the consumer. This is useful when there are several promotions for an identical product targeted at slightly different audiences, this means if there are any overlaps in the target audiences only the offer with the high weighting will be shown (Optional field)

If similar offers in the same No-Compete group, customer only see the highest weighted active offer. If the customer redeem the first offer then the second highest offer should be returned in the offer list for the customer. This logic should be followed for all subsequent offers. 

We have a platform setting ('nocompete') for this which is marked True as default with the behaviour explained above for all clients. If we change the setting to False then the offer in the same No Compete group will not be returned. Please note that there is no change to the Advertisement code for this. This is only for Offers. 


Currently GMAL's setting is set to False.

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