Troubleshooting Reporting / Dashboard Statistics

How statistics are compiled for customer consumption

The data which comprises of consumer activities and sales transactions are captured by Plexure platform, being processed by various jobs to ingest from core database to marketing database and storage. It is estimated the jobs shall complete and statistics made available to customer between 10am to 12noon local time.

Should there be any obvious delay, Plexure will inform customer key stakeholders as well as Customer's Service Centre. 

Steps to troubleshoot

If there is any clear indication that the statistics or data is wrong, please use the following steps to troubleshoot and log a ticket via for further investigation:

  1. What time is the issue occurred/observed?
  2. What time is the issue recurred, after checking a couple of times after 12noon? 
  3. What date range is used for the reporting filter?
  4. Check the data and details based on graph, line and CSV file format.
  5. What is the expected stats?
  6. What is the current stats shown?
  7. If the data/stats is compared with other sources, where do you get it from?
  8. Share the screenshots, attach files in the ticket or provide links to your storage for us to download.
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