Plexure Users (Consumers)

Concept of User in Plexure

Q1. What is a ‘User’ on Plexure Platform?

A unique ‘user’ on Plexure is defined as unique human interacting with Plexure’s SDK and API’s. 

Q2. What if my app has different user flows and I allow consumers to use app without registration?

An app can be used by the customer in 2 generic app flows – 
a) Unregistered/Skipped Account – Customers who do not provide Email Registration or use the app in a ‘skipped’ flow
b) Registered Account – Customers who provide us an email registration
If a consumer installs the app and provides Plexure Email/Social Login, we consider that as a single unique user

Q3. What happens when consumer using my app decides to sell his device or uses two devices simultaneously?

If the consumer sells the device, and logins on to another device then Plexure will still treat that as same user because the email gets moved to a new device. If the consumer decides to register with a different email id on the new device, then Plexure will treat it as a new user. If the same email id is used on multiple devices then it is treated as two users as both devices are calling our API’s to get content

Q4. How does Plexure calculate Users in layman terms?

Total Users are sum of Unique Registered Accounts & Unique Device Accounts (Unregistered devices) which do not have a corresponding email associated. 
Plexure SDK on both iOS and Android, generates a special device id which is always unique to the consumer’s device

Q5. Is there a process of archiving or deleting inactive users?

When an account gets created on Plexure DB, we treat it as a legitimate user of the app. We do not archive or delete inactive accounts because these accounts are real humans who have interacted with the Plexure SDK and system and generated reporting activities. Deletion or archiving is not advisable but can be scoped out as a project if required. Plexure will not change the per user charge model even if the inactive customers are deleted from the DB


Consumer A downloads the client app and uses the app without Registration
Total User Count - 1

Consumer A then decides to register on the same device
Total User Count - 1

Consumer A buys a new device and logs in with same Email Account 
Total Count - 1

Consumer A buys a new device and logs in with different Email Account
Total Count - 2

Consumer A sells his device and Consumer B starts using the old device
Total Count - 2

Consumer A buys another device but logs in with same email id on two devices and uses the devices simultaneously
Total User count - 2

Consumer A logs out and his kid Consumer K logs in with a new email id 
Total User count - 2

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