Version 2.58.0

Release Summary

Platform Improvements

  • Update Tag Index code to handle Load and avoid Deadlocks
  • Database Migration
  • Cron Job to Clustered Column Store Index Rebuild Index
  • Update Business Pipeline for Tag Update
  • Improve performance of upsert tag index entity (placeholder only)
  • Authorize mobile app requests using the new authorization scheme
  • Cosmos DB redemption performance tweak - eliminate potential cross-partition query

Bug Fixes

  • System shows error when trying to access Reporting page
  • Remove cosmos db collection initialization logic out of platform
  • Create Redeemed offer doesn't follow the Daily start/End time and Days of the week
  • Consumer segment tag has been listed in contentTagReferenceCodes in Get Advertisement API
  • MerchantAPI - Get Active Loyalty Card Instance - Not updating the Points balance
  • GMAL CCP - Personal Information Retrieval not working
  • Many same name TAG seen in consumer edit in management portal
  • Burn Redeemed Offer Unique Text Code doesn't work with other offer code type apart from UniqueText(Auto-Generate)
  • Burn Unique Text Redemption Code Bug
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