Version 2.55

Release Summary

3 Features

8 Bug Fixes

Notable Changes

  • N/A


  • Add extra 8 tag columns to consumer table.
  • Email Templates to handle Html besides Plain Text.
  • Create a Data Access class for managing interactions with Redemptions

Bug Fixes

  • Customer Care Portal - Throws an error on Consumer Details Page
  • Dashboard for specific market showing wrong Total Redemptions vs Unique Redemptions
  • Offer Activation via POS Sale - Does not update/populate OfferRedemption property for user in ConsumerEventsInfo table
  • Consumer API- Create Redeemed offer fails with 400 Error
  • Eliminate the exception when search offer that hasn't been redeemed with Cosmos data layer.
  • Update the concurrency cache protection dictionary to be thread safe in CacheHelpe.
  • Push message authorization with multi-language message
  • Multiple users signed up to same device can redeem the same offer
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