Version 2.54.0

Release Summary

4 Platform Improvements

7 Bug Fixes

Notable Changes

  • N/A

Platform Improvements

  • Feature toggle for Sticky Offers: A new platform settings "EnableStickyOffer" is introduced to toggle sticky offer feature.
  • This feature adds points data to the POS sale history entity, enabling clients such as the Customer Care Portal to handle this data and display this with the POS sale history.
  • Points created are now exposed in the POS sale history endpoint. Data includes the points earned, burned and reverted for each loyalty card earning points in a POS transaction.
  • Address specific merchant Requirement to Process a hidden LC - enable AddPosSaleWithOfferRedemption() API to redeem (and burn) the activated stamp card reward offer passed in the offer list.

Bug Fixes

  • Due to the migration to app service, we encountered a problem where extra headers being added to the HTTP request thus cause the activity log size exceeded the max allowed for the queue storage. To fix this problem, we decided to remove unused HTTP headers when create activity log.
  • POS sale history now includes void POS sale transactions. Calling the void POS sale endpoint adds entries to the POS sale history accordingly.
  • Customer Care Portal is now able to search for email with '+' characters in them.
  • Fix on previous card balance showing wrong values.
  • Consumer with No initial points shows wrong previous card balance with Add POS Sales With Offer Redemption API
  • Device registration/Email Registration throws 500 Response after device account get deleted
  • Grouping same type of errors (with different consumer IDs) into an error in backend monitor system
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