Version 2.51.0

2 Feature

3 Platform Improvements

6 Bug Fixes

Notable Changes

This release includes major improvements to performance on the Offer Search API and a move to further restrict access to the Merchant API using API Gateway


  • The POS API now supports additional fields for Tax, Discounts and Tender Types
  • Merchant API Restricted through API Gateway


Platform Improvements

  • Offer Search API performance improvements
  • Merchant API Documentation moved to Swagger
  • Error logging in Raygun improved so errors are grouped correctly


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed persistence of customers Device ID when they login from different devices
  • Fixed Push Message logging to ensure the size limit on table storage is not exceeded
  • Fixed a bug on the cron job for the store importer
  • Fixed an issue with the Venue API where the stores were not always returned
  • Fixed Redis Cache locking issue
  • Fixed intermittent deadlock issue on service bus
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