Version 2.52.0

Release Summary


1 Feature

8 Platform Improvements

6 Bug Fixes

Notable Changes

Sticky Offers allow a content creator to define an offer as sticky. When a user see's (impresses) an offer that offer becomes attached to that consumer, and for a defined period of time they no longer need to meet the criteria around tag (targeting and opperating conditions), beacon, and geofence conditions. Other conditions such as time of day and day of week filters still apply, and query filters such as venueId can still prevent the offer from being visible.

An offer is considered stuck to a consumer until it expires, or it is redeemed. Once the sticky offer expires or has been redeemed the consumer needs to meet all the criteria of the offer for it to be visible again.

Major improvements to the notification hub. These improvements give greater performance when syncing registration into the hub as well as allowing for larger growth in active device registrations in the hub.


  • Sticky Offer implementation - Offers can now be configured as sticky changing the way users can see them.

Platform Improvements

  • Merchant API Metrics - Traffic is now tracked to new-relic using the x-vmob-cost-center header for the purpose of billing.
  • Searchable Store POS Data - Update of the way that POS sales data is stored internally to make it easier to search by consumer id and a time range.
  • Extractable Sales data via Consumer API - A new API endpoint that allows consumers to extract their POS sales data.
  • Eventing Framework Extension - Change notifications are now published for Consumer Registration, and Venue creation.
  • Send Email Consumer API security Fix - Previously it was possible using this API to send a message to any email address rather than the consumers email address.
  • Redemption Tactical Changes - A few optimizations in the redemption pipeline.
  • Notification Hub - Multiple namespace sharding
  • Feature Toggle for sticky Offers and Logic restructuring to avoid unwanted calls

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Fast lane Tagging - Previously was processing all consumers rather than a limited set.
  • Fix for incorrect response on the Void Pos Sale endpoint where a HTTP 500 was being returned instead of an expected HTTP 400 response.
  • Fix for Offers Search when specifying a specific venue or set of venues. Offers that are designated all-venue offers will now be correctly returned.
  • Get Offer API Fixes
  • List Loyalty Points Transactions - Does Not Consider Start and End Dates/Times (Query Parameter)
  • Offer disappears after becoming sticky
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