Version 2.50

Release Summary


2 Features

3 Platform Improvement

5 Bug Fixes



Notable Changes

First Phase of Tagging Index complete which will allow us in the future to remove the current tag limitation which only allows 750 tags per to be created in the system



  • New API End Point giving ability to lock and unlock consumer accounts
  • New POS API Allowing auto redeeming and burning of offers as part of processing the sale data


Platform Improvements

  • Phase one of the moving to the new tagging index which will remove the current limit on number of tags that can be created in the platform
  • Added birthday tag support targeting to the Advertisement module
  • Implemented Redis Cache Client Lock on retrieval from storage

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where under certain circumstances operators were not able to add a merchant to a user account
  • Fixed issue where the end data for rewards was not returned correctly 
  • Fixed issue with list XRef API where data types were inconsistent
  • Fixed issue where XRef validation preventing the creation of a cross reference
  • Updated the redeemed offer object to return the snapshot id
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