Version 2.46+

Released in May 2018



Release Summary


1 Features Delivered

1 Platform Improvement

7 Bug Fixes


Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)

  • A new feature has been implemented allowing system administrators to specify an optional prefix to be configured for a particular merchant which will automatically get added to Short Code redemption codes.
  • If you intend to use a tag for push messaging, the tag now needs to be synced with the notification hub. To ensure this, please tick the box for "Sync to Msg Service" while creating or editing an existing tag.


  •  New platform setting allowing admin users to manage Short Code offer prefixes


Platform Improvements

  • Content managers can now specify the tags that are to be synced with the Notification Hub, in addition to this alerts have been setup that will alert Plexure Support team in the event where a consumer has exceeded the number of tags supported currently by the notification hub. 

Bug Fixes

 Fixed bug when in certain cases the same Predefined Offer Code was issues to 2 consumers

  • Fixed Weighted Content API which for certain content types was not returning content in the correct order
  • Fixed incorrect error message on the Platform Setting Admin page
  • Fixed a Geofence Push Message bug where users with both Android and IOS devices were not getting the notification on the correct device
  • Fixed bug on Earn and Burn Loyalty Cards showing an incorrect error message when points are deducted
  • Fixed the point calculation method to apply on the Total Amount of the transaction rather then the sum of all products
  • Fixed a rounding bug on the point calculation method
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