Version 2.44


Released in March 2018


Release Summary

5 Features Delivered

2 Platform Improvements

2 Bugs Fixed


Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)


  • Ability for content managers to edit Geofence, Beacon and Direct Push messages after being published. Changes to any Push Message still go through the Authorization Process
  • Bulk Direct Push Message API allows async calls, allowing for requests with larger number of consumers to be made in a single call. This also gives us a way to throttle the number push messages getting sent out to consumers
  • Email Registration API provides ability to also add consumer tags in the same call. The mobile SDK has also been updated to reflect the new property
  • Terms and Conditions on the Loyalty Card and Offer screen support adding HTML tags giving content managers ability to specify links to 3rd party websites



  • Allow direct,Geofence and Beacon push messages to be editable
  • Bulk Direct Push Message API async property support
  • ability to Add tags as part of the email registration API call
  • Add support for HTML tags on Offer Terms and Conditions field
  • Add support for HTML tags on Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions field

Platform Improvements

  • Offer Search API optimized to handle searching of predefined offers more efficiently
  • Organisation and User list forms optimized to handle large lists more efficiently

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when under certain cases the number of remaining predefined offer codes was not showing correctly



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