Tracking Activities

The purpose of this article is to provide a guide of how to track reporting activities sent by the app and or SDK. Activities in the Plexure platform are used for statistic and event-driven notification purposes, and are handled in the SDK by either logging them locally and sending them in batches (batched activities) or sending them immediately (real-time activities) to the backend.

Please note, the user/tester will need to have a web debugging tool installed, e.g. Fiddler or Charles Proxy or any other tool equivalent in order to verify if the reporting activity request is being sent correctly to the Plexure platform.

For a list of reporting activities and how they are tracked i.e. app or SDK, please see the Activities List article. 


App Install Activity

Purpose of activity: Logged when the app is installed for the first time.


  1. Install the app
  2. Launch the app
  3. Placed the app into the background (this will force the batched activities to be sent immediately to the platform)
  4. Using Fiddler/Charles, observe the /3/activities request sent
  5. Result: App install activity logged with "actionTypeCode": 14
    "id": "6142816f-46de-4d70-bf58-857100f2ea3b",
    "sourceActivityTime": "2018-02-14T03:52:08Z",
    "sourceActivityTimeZoneOffset": "+13:00",
    "actionTypeCode": 14


 App Install Activity

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