Version 2.43+


Released in January 2018

Release Summary

2 Features Delivered

3 Platform Improvements

6 Bugs Fixed


Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)

  • Tags can now be configured so that their tag values have a mutual exclusivity that is enforced by the platform, e.g. Gender → Male vs Female. This eliminates the need for mobile apps or tag rules to supply long lists of 'remove' tag values.
  • 'Earn and Burn' Loyalty feature UI and APIs implemented for private client preview. This allows a loyalty card to be setup for points to be earnt and spent in varying amounts over a period of time, as opposed to the existing 'stampcard' type of loyalty card.


  • Earn And Burn Loyalty Card Type
  • Add a capability for 'mutually exclusive' tags

Platform Improvements

  • Discontinue MSISDN features 
  • Platform Setting to hide New Earn And Burn LC
  • Earn And Burn Reward Point Amount


Bug Fixes

  • Negative value showing for "Remaining Codes" in admin portal for Offers 
  • Tag Reference codes can have invisible unicode characters added to them.
  • Predefined Offer codes can fail under certain scenarios
  • Validation errors on Date Picker fields when using English - South Africa locale
  • Consumer API→ Activate Loyalty Card Offer throws 500 error if offer id is invalid/non-existing.
  • If an user whom is created with only single Operator login issue via CCP Portal to search for consumer, screen return with Connection Error.
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