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In order to use the Campaigns Activity report to see push message received/clicked reporting activities. Just navigate to Owner/Merchant level > select Campaigns Activity from the Reporting dropdown menu >  select Push Message Received or Push Messages Clicked under the Activities dropdown menu. Please refer to attached screenshot.

The push message sent figure is the reach estimate figure for the users who could be potentially targeted. This data is generated through the platform and not the device. Please note, the sent figure does not take into account that the push message will only be sent to the last signed in consumer on the device. Since it's possible a singular device could be tied to more then one user, this is not something the dashboard takes into account, hence this may not provide an absolute indication of how many notifications were actually sent for a push message scheduled in the platform. 

The push message clicked figure is an activity reported by both Android and iOS devices however please note, the way this activity is handled differs between iOS and Android, i.e. for Android this is handled by the app (so needs to be tracked and configured by the app developers) while for iOS this activity is handled by the Plexure SDK. On the basis the Android app is correctly sending this activity to the Plexure backend, the clicked figure on the reporting dashboard should be accurate. 

The push message received figure is activity handled by the Plexure SDK to acknowledge the push notification was received by the user's device. This activity is only currently applicable to Android but is available on the iOS SDK version 4.15 and onwards. 

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