Plexure Mobile App Verification

Mobile Application Verification

Guide for clients publishing new or upgraded apps

Purpose: To verify that a new/upgraded app is submitting the correct activities and tags to our platform APIs when the corresponding events occur in the app or device

Please Note:  This service is chargeable on an hourly basis via time and materials, rates are stipulated in your agreement.

Please do not release app(s) without submitting them for Plexure app verification 

  • You may lose valuable customer insights
  • The app may cause platform down-time
  • Any issues arising that require remediation will incur charges


Note: App testing is the responsibility of the app developer - app verification is not a substitute for testing undertaken during your app delivery process. If repeated issues arise that require multiple cycles of app verification, Plexure will bill you for the additional effort required.

If the App 


Why do app(s) need to be verified?

  • To ensure data integrity and consistency is maintained in the Plexure platform after the app upgrade – this will help keep customer data consistent and insightful
  • To ensure the app doesn’t introduce any operational issues when it goes live
  • To ensure Plexure’s support team is aware of any changes that could impact platform support SLAs


Important! If you choose to release a new/upgrade to your App without undertaking App verification, it will void any support cover for handling the impacts of the defects in the App. Any remediation required due to this will be chargeable.


Client QA Process vs. Plexure App Verification (Who is responsible for what?)


Client QA Process

  • End to end functional testing of the mobile application, including regression testing as required
  • System Integration Testing – ensuring the correct API calls are made to the Plexure platform at the right time
  • Testing push messages are handled correctly by the app
  • Testing content and other data provided by the Plexure platform displays correctly in the app
  • Testing that the correct data is sent to the Plexure platform and displays in reports and dashboards as expected
  • Testing non functional requirements for the app, including device compatibility, accessibility, security, and app performance


Plexure App Verification

  • Verification that data received is processed correctly, and that the upgrade does not introduce inconsistencies in the data
  • To identify issues which may impact the performance or operability of the Plexure platform.
  • To make performance recommendations, e.g. removing duplicated or unneeded calls.


Plexure App Verification process map


Estimated Time frames for Verification Activities

Estimated time frames for App verification is 3-5 working days per App once a build is submitted to Plexure, please note that if another build is submitted whilst one is pending, the process resets and it will be 3-5 working days from new submission.


Action, Scope and Deliverables:

Client Mobile App Testing Requirements

Stakeholders: Client QA team, App Developers and Testers

Test Scope:

  • Functional testing of mobile application and integration with Plexure and any other systems.
  • Regression testing as required
  • Verifying data sent by the app aligns with the customer’s data and analytics strategy
  • Non-functional testing including device compatibility and accessibility; mobile app performance, including battery drain and data consumption

Test Deliverables:

  • Release candidate mobile app builds pointing towards the Plexure staging environment
  • Release notes, including any changes undertaken associated with Plexure features
  • Defect/issue register

Exit Criteria:

  • Test scope as outlined above has been completed
  • End to end test cases related to Plexure features have been executed and passed
  • Sign-off checklist provided to Plexure

Plexure App Verification

Stakeholders: Plexure Support Team, Plexure App Verification Lead, Client QA team, App Developers and Testers

Entry Criteria:

  • Client app testing has passed
  • Release notes, change logs and defect register have been provided to Plexure.
  • Release candidate app builds pointing towards Plexure staging provided via app distribution channels
  • Test logins or any other credentials provided to Plexure as required

Verification Scope:

  • Data analysis to ensure data integrity is maintained for analytics and reporting
  • Platform call analysis (API call frequency, data integrity)
  • Platform impact analysis (load, operability)

Test Deliverables:

  • Defect/Issue register
  • Sign Off

Exit Criteria:

Plexure app verification completed with no Blocker or High issues outstanding.


App Verification Defect/Issue Triage (client led)


  • To have single view of the issues raised/closed during the app verification process
  • To communicate effectively with the app developers, the client and the Plexure team
  • To get an agreed understanding of defect status, priority and severity


  • Client: QA Lead/Product Owner
  • Mobile App Developers: Test Lead / Developer
  • Plexure: App Verification Lead / Plexure Support

Duration and Frequency:

  • Max 1 hour meeting
  • Frequently throughout the upgrade and verification process as required


  • Prioritised defect register

Timelines on bug fixes and estimated verification re-submission dates


Plexure App Verification Sign-Off 

Sign-off will be given once:

  • Plexure App Verification completed on final Staging and Production builds of the apps
  • No open blocker issues
  • Client acceptance of any remaining defects

Plexure App Sign-Off includes the following information:

  • Mobile App version
  • Plexure SDK version
  • Plexure app verification check list


The published app will be considered unverified should a newer build go live without sign-off by Plexure


Please submit requests by logging a ticket via

Any questions please contact  or your respective Customer Success Manager


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