Version 2.30


Released in July 2016

Release Summary

13 Features Delivered

5 Bugs Fixed


Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)

Weight by Proximity in Reward Offer Deprecated

Add weight by proximity has been removed from the reward offer UI.


Features Delivered

Include Extended Data in Loyalty Point Transactions 

Loyalty point transactions now include extended data.


Loyalty End Date Information

Tooltip added to the new loyalty card 'End Date' field, with clarification on the role of the end date.


Content Tags API

New Offers API endpoint added to return the tag values of a tag.


Generate Event on Loyalty Card Completion 

A 'Loyalty Card Instance Points Completed' activity is generated when a user fills a loyalty card.


Allow Merchants to Add Points to a Loyalty Card 

Points can be added to a loyalty card via the Merchant API.


Allow Merchants to Verify a Consumer has a Tag

A Merchant API endpoint has been added to verify whether or not a consumer has a particular tag.


Allow Merchants to Retrieve Active Consumer Loyalty 

A Merchant API endpoint has been added to check if a consumer has an active instance of a specified loyalty card.


Email Registration Templating Based on Inbound Channel

'Channels' can be specified when creating an email registration that will define the template used for the email received by a consumer after their initial registration has been completed.


Offer Image Preview Enhancement

Offer image preview will now scale to fit the new/edit offer page.


Include a Flag for Consumer Creation During Social Login

"Consumer API - Login with Social" was updated with a new parameter "allowAutoConsumerCreation". 


Bug Fixes

  • Fix 404 error when an existing asset is deleted from an advertisement or loyalty card.
  • Fix 500 error returned when query string contains 'includeVenueRelatedOffers' for the /consumers/weightedContent content request.
  • Allow extended set of characters during email registration.
  • Ensure the same tag weighted value cannot be added more than once.
  • Consumer targeting reach count only recalculated on content tag update.


Upgrade from Previous Version

v2.29 - Release Notes

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