Version 2.27


Released in April 2016

Release Summary

  • MSISDN search features have been removed.
  • Consumer tagging now available on Loyalty Cards.
  • Offers can be bulk imported.

Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)

Renamed MSISDN to Consumer Information and removed search by MSISDN

All MSISDN search features have been removed from the consumer search tool.


Features Delivered

Consumer tagging in Loyalty Card

As with other content, loyalty cards can now be assigned tags using the consumer segment targeting filter. Only consumers who have the selected tags will be returned the loyalty card using the List Loyalty Cards endpoint. The reach count shows the number of consumers that are able to see the loyalty card using the List Loyalty Cards endpoint.


Bulk Offer Import

Offers can be loaded in bulk through wizard using interface.


Inconsistent push message records for first two days of month have been fixed

Previously results for 10th, 11th, 12th of the month were placed into the same group as 1st. This was the case for 2nd, (contained 21st, 22nd etc) and 3rd (30th, 31st). This caused these dates to display the wrong values. This bug has now been fixed.


Upgrade from Previous Version

v2.26 - Release Notes

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