Version 2.23


Released in December 2015.


Release Summary

  • Ability to view long tag/segment names in the filters.
  • Error message is shown on selecting more than the possible number of consumer tags under push notification.
  • Ability to tag consumers for redeeming X number of loyalty card rewards.
  • Ability to tag consumers for Loyalty Card activities such as not activating loyalty card, not collecting any points, collecting specific points on loyalty cards, completing the loyalty card but not choosing reward, choosing the loyalty card but not redeeming reward and for redeeming the reward.

Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)

  • None


Features Delivered

Easy Viewing For Long Tag/Segment Names

Long name for tags/segments is now displayed on mouse hover.


Error Message On Selecting More Than The Possible Number Of Consumer Tags Under Push Notification

A new error message has been added to Create a new Push Message interface, and also to Edit Push Message which is Unpublished or Pending Approval. 

If maximum number is breached then error message is displayed in Consumer Tags area: 
'You have exceeded the maximum number of tags/Segments'. In this case Push Message will not be Published or Saved as a Draft.


Tagging Consumers For Redeeming X Number Of Loyalty Card Rewards

Consumer tagging now occurs based on stored details of activated loyalty card instances. 
Assignment of pre-made tags can be given the following requirements: 

  • Instance number 
  • Number of times this reward was previously redeemed 
  • Points on the specified instance number 
  • Reward activation status for the specified instance number
  • Reward redemption status for the specified instance number 
  • Number of days since the last reward redemption


Tag Consumers In Relation To Loyalty Card Points And Rewards

The following details are stored for each activated loyalty card instance a consumer has:

  • Loyalty card ID
  • Instance ID 
  • Instance Activation Date 
  • Points
  • Reward Activation Date 
  • Reward redemption Date 

These details are then used for tagging purposes.


2.23.1 Point Release Highlights

Merging the Historical Geofence Tagging fixes and load testing for scheduling Broadcast Push messages.

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