Creating a Loyalty Card

Creating a Loyalty Card

Creating a loyalty card involves a five step process, the steps in the process are: 

  1. Display

  2. Engagement

  3. Rewards

  4. Admin

  5. Start

These steps are detailed below.

Display Section

The display area lets the backend user setup the base details for the loyalty card, the following fields are available: 

Title: The text based title of the loyalty card. Can be up to 200 characters.

Subtitle: The text based sub-title of the loyalty card. Can be up to 200 characters.

Description: A text based description of the offer. Can be up to 500 characters. 

Instructions: Text based instructions on how to participate in the loyalty program. Can be up to 1500 characters. 

Terms: Text based terms and conditions relating to the loyalty card. Can be up to 1000 characters. 


Campaign: You can select from a drop down list of all active campaigns and assign this loyalty card to a campaign. 

Category: Select from a pre-configured list of categories which describe the loyalty card in some way. 

Start Date and Time: The start date of the loyalty card. 

End Date and Time: The end date of the loyalty card. 

Daily Start Time: Within the range defined by the start and end date a daily start time can be set. 

Daily End Time: Within the range defined by the start and end date a daily end time can be set. 

Days Of The Week: You can select which days of the week the loyalty card will be available to consumers. Works within the start and end date.

Weighting: You can select a base weight, which is a numeric weight applied to the loyalty card. 

Card Image: You can upload an image to be associated with the loyalty card. The image cropping tool is pre-configured to a set resolution (decided during early consultation with the client and configured by Plexure technical support shortly after platform deployment). We recommend selecting an image ratio that will work across all screen sizes and then uploading all images at the maximum size they will ever be required. The apps using this image can request the image in any scaled size at or below the original. For example if the high resolution original image uploaded is 1000 x 600, an app could request the same image at 500 x 300, or 250 x 150 if it has a smaller screen.


Engagement Section

The engagement screen outlines the exact way loyalty points are earned. This section contains the following fields: 

Points Required: This is the number of points a customer is required to earn before a loyalty reward is earned. Minimum of 1 point. 

Cards Available Per Customer: The total number of loyalty card instances that any one customer will be able to create. Minimum of 1 instance. 

Maximum Number Of Points Per Day: Limit the number of points a consumer can earn per day. Limited in Plexure - app behaviour will have to be aligned. 

Maximum Number Of Points Requests Per Day: Limit the number of points requests (adding points) a consumer can make to Plexure per day. Useful if double points are sent by the app. 

Initial Number Of Points: The number of points a new card instance starts with. For example the first point on the card could be given free each time the consumer starts a card. Applies to all card instances that a consumer starts. 

Apply initial points to subsequent cards: When the Loyalty card is redeemed, the same initial points are applied to the subsequent cards.

Points text: is copy that is sent to the consumer's device when they start a card. The app could display this copy in a popup or somewhere on screen at various stages. The copy is connected to a points number, so for example a consumer could receive an encouraging popup message when they earn their first point, when they are half way towards earning a reward or when they are one point away from earning a reward. One or more points text can be added.

Point Earning Rules: The point earning rules work when you have integrated your point of sale or other sales system with Plexure. Every time a consumer purchases a particular product through your integrated system, the consumer will earn points on their loyalty card as per the rules you set. You can add a number of products on a loyalty card for which the consumers will earn points. The section has following fields:

  • Product TitleThe title is just for your reference.
  • Product Code: This code is matched against your integrated system.
  • Points Earned: Points to be rewarded to the consumer for the purchase of the product.


Rewards Section

Rewards are offers that are unlocked by completing a loyalty card. Clicking on create new reward takes the backend user to the "create offers" workflow, however the offer is exclusively available to consumers who have unlocked it by completing the loyalty card. Multiple rewards can be added and the consumer can be given the choice between one of several rewards. It's important to save the loyalty card as a draft before adding the first reward


Admin Section

The admin section allows the backend user to add additional assets to the loyalty card. Supported file types are: pdf, jpg, png, jpeg, mp4, mp3, mov, gif, csv, son, xml, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, txt.



Start Section

After completing the loyalty card setup the content can be saved as a draft and finished later or published immediately meaning it will be active based on the options selected.

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