Push Notification Basics

The first step in creating a push message is to select the type. Plexure supports the following four types of push messaging: 

  1. Broadcast: This is a push message sent to a selected audience at a set point in time.

  2. Recurring: This is a recurring broadcast push message, most commonly used for sending out birthday push messages. For example, a recurring broadcast push message can be setup to send birthday greeting push messages to your consumers till a defined date.

  3. Geofence: This is a push message setup for a period of time and triggered by a consumer entering the geo-fence. 

  4. Beacon: This is a push message setup for a period of time and triggered when a consumer is in proximity to a bluetooth beacon.

  5. Direct:


Approval Process: Push messages are different from other types of content (offers, banner ads, loyalty cards) in that they require email authorization before they are published and sent out. When a campaign manager clicks Get Approval and Activate an email requesting approval is sent to the nominated approver, who can then review the copy and details of the push message and either accept or reject it.

Once the push message has been approved, the consumers registered with Plexure will get push notifications on all their devices running the app if they were tagged and have enabled to receive push notifications.

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