Push Messages Widget

The push message widget displays the following push notification-related information at a glance:

  • Click Through Rate in the current Timeframe
  • Percentage +/- Click Through Rate when compared with the previous Timeframe period
  • All time Click Through rate

Clicking on the widget will take you to the Push Notification Dashboard.


Push Notification Dashboard

The push notification dashboard provides a detailed report of push notifications. The report can be viewed on the basis of segments or on the basis of campaigns.

You can view the following consumer activities in relation to push messages:

Total push notifications sent - This is the reach estimate figure for the consumers who could be potentially targeted. This data is generated through the platform and not the device. Please note that this data may vary when compared with the Push Message Activity report, as the sent data on the dashboard does not take into account that the push message will be sent only to the last signed in consumer on the device. The device could have multiple consumers which the push message dashboard considers as separate push notifications whereas the number of messages sent is actually less. Hence, there will be variation in reporting data between the sent figure on the dashboard and sent figure on Push Message Activity report. If the consumer had initially enabled the push notifications and then disabled it, this figure would not be reflected in the messages sent in the push notification dashboard. The figure shown here is dynamic. This represents the reach estimate at the time the push message was actually sent, not the day it was scheduled.

Total push notifications received - This activity data is generated by the device. iOS does not provide this data but Android does provide this activity data.

Message delivery rate - This is the ratio of sent to received.

Total push notifications clicked - This activity data is generated by both iOS and Android.

Push notifications click through rate - This is the ratio of received to clicked.

The dashboard allows you to compare the performance of two push notification campaigns or segments.

The right-hand side of the dashboard also displays the same report on the basis of above metrics, however, it is more in-depth and breaks down the report for the various push notification types; i.e:

  • Broadcast: This includes both broadcast push notifications and recurring push notifications
  • Geofence: Reports only for geofence push notifications
  • Beacons: Reports only for beacon push notifications

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