Bulk Import Offers

This feature allows you to bulk import offers in one go. The import feature uses a CSV format file to upload offers. When you click on the Import button on the merchant dashboard, you will be presented with a popup. The popup allows you download the CSV template which shows the columns that you can import as part of this feature. The Offer fields are represented as columns in the CSV file. It is recommended that you use a text file editor to edit the CSV rather than Excel as it is likely to not format the file correctly. Please note that not all Offer fields can be imported. The following Offer fields can only be imported:

  • Campaign Id
  • Title
  • Description
  • Terms
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Content Tags
  • Consumer Tags
  • Operating Tags
  • Base Weight

Campaign Id and Title fields are mandatory. You can populate the Campaign Id by taking a note of the Campaign Id available in the URL of that particular campaign. Ensure that you have populated the correct Campaign ID otherwise, you will get a failed notification after you import the uploaded file. If you do not populate the Offer Title, you will see validation error. If you see a validation error, you need to remove the existing file and then upload the correct file. Currently, the import feature only supports upload of offers. Bulk import will not update existing offers. The imported offers will be saved as Draft.



Note: Take note that the bulk importing function is a tool to create offers with basic details. The tool does not support multi-byte character (eg. Chinese/Japanese) and some new fields (created after the tool is released) are not included, eg redemption related, extended data, image etc. You will need to manually insert them.

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