Regional Weather-Based Offers and Advertisements

[1] Plexure has integration with the WorldWeatherOnline API for weather service. Plexure automatically calls the weather service API periodically - for example, every hour - by providing it the location for which the weather elements are required. The frequency of the API calls can be configured as per the requirements. The API returns the following weather elements:

  • Weather Date and Time
  • Hour
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Snow
  • Precipitation
  • Cloud Cover

[2] Plexure has created some default out-of-the-box tags on the basis of the above weather elements [1] which are used for showing (or not showing) Offers and Advertisements. These can be configured as per the requirements. Below is a list of all example regional weather condition tags:

  • Cloud cover - Clear (< 25%)
  • Cloud cover - Overcast (> 25%)
  • Currently Not Raining
  • Currently Not Snowing
  • Currently Raining
  • Currently Snowing
  • Not Rained Recently (24hrs)
  • Not Snowed Recently (24hrs)
  • Recently Rained (24hrs)
  • Recently Snowed (24 hrs)
  • Temperature - Cold (-50°C to 10°C)
  • Temperature - Hot (17°C – 50°C)
  • Temperature - Mild (11°C to 16°C)
  • Wind - High (30-200 km/h)
  • Wind - Low (0-10 km/h)
  • Wind - Medium (11-29 km/h)

[3] Before regional weather-based Offers or Advertisements are created, the Merchant (Content Manager) needs to create Regions so that Plexure knows against which Region's location it needs to evaluate for the above-selected tags [2] and return the relevant Offers or Advertisements. A Region is composed of a polygon boundary on a map and a pin (usually the center of the polygon boundary) which is created by the Owner (Marketing Manager). Once the Region has been created, Plexure calls the weather API using the location of the pin inside the polygon boundary of the Region to determine the weather elements present in that location.

[4] Once a Region has been created, the Marketing Manager may choose to see which weather operating condition tags have been applied by going to the Operating Condition page. The tags for a region are automatically updated periodically on the Operating Conditions page when the weather API is called.

[5] The Merchant creates a weather-based Offer or Advertisement by selecting the relevant weather operating condition tags. The consumer’s location is known to Plexure when the consumer’s device requests an Offer or Advertisement and the location service is enabled on the device. The request header contains the consumer’s latitude and longitude. If the location service is disabled on the device, then regional operating condition tags will not work. Plexure uses the latitude and longitude information to determine whether the consumer is within the defined Region boundary. When the consumer is within the defined Region, the Offer or Advertisement may or may not be returned depending on the evaluation of tags for the weather elements at the consumer’s location as discussed in [3]. For example, there is a Region called Invercargill, and it is currently snowing there. If a consumer opens the app in Invercargill, the consumer will see a “Hot Coffee” Offer or Advertisement if the Merchant has set the content with the “Currently Snowing” weather operating condition tag.

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