Configuring Your Beacons On The Plexure Platform

Once you have configured your beacons UUIDs, and Major and Minor values you must declare and register these values in the Plexure platform, so that when your app enters the range of one of these beacons and registers it's identifier with the operating system on a consumers device, your app will provide a callback with its identity and interact with our platform.

Following are the steps to set up your beacons and beacon groups on the Plexure platform:


Step 1 - Register Each Of Your Beacons

In the Merchant Settings dropdown menu, go to Beacons to open the Beacons Summary Page. Click on the "New Beacon" button to open the "Create Beacon" form.

Fill out the mandatory fields on that form for each beacon:

Name - Give your beacon a name of up to 50 characters (e.g. Entrance, Checkout or Product Display).

Proximity UUID - Enter the UUID you configured the beacon with.

Major Number - Enter the major value you configured the beacon with.

Minor Number - Enter the minor value you configured the beacon with.

All other fields are non-mandatory.


Step 2 - Create Beacon Groups

Creating beacon groups gives Content Managers the ability to tag and target content to those particular groups. You can then filter Push Messages to any of those Beacon Groups.

For example, if you have multiple stores, and at each store you have a beacon positioned at that store's 'checkout', you could create a "Checkout" Beacon Group and add only those beacons to that group (see screenshot below).

Then you would create and tailor a push message so that it was relevant to consumers who were in range of a checkout, and tag that message with the "Checkout" beacon group. Then any consumers who moved near one of those checkouts would be sent that push notification and that message would make contextual sense to them given their close proximity to a checkout.


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