Bluetooth beacons are transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0, a short range radio frequency protocol to broadcast an identifier which can be heard by compatible smart devices as they come into close proximity with that beacon.

A beacon deployment consists of one or more beacon devices that transmit their own unique identification number to the local area. Software on a receiving device may then look up the beacon and perform various functions, such as notifying the user. Receiving devices can also connect to the beacon to retrieve values from beacon's GATT (generic attribute profile) service. Beacons do not push notifications to receiving devices (other than their own identity). However, mobile software can use signals received from beacons to trigger their own push notifications.

BLE beacons can be powered by batteries or a fixed power source such as a USB adapter.

Once the Plexure platform has been configured to recognize the identity of specific beacons, apps powered by our platform can perform actions when in range of them, enabling Content Managers to create and deliver personalized messages to consumers in real time when they are in range of a beacon.

Beacons can be strategically positioned in planned locations throughout stores to deliver hyper-contextual content to consumers when they walk in range, and to give you in-store insights into their behavior.

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