Creating a Broadcast Push Notification

A broadcast push message has the following fields and options: 

Title: A text title for the broadcast push message. This is only used for naming purposes in the Plexure platform and is not shown to the consumer. 

Campaign: A dropdown list of preconfigured campaigns. Selecting a campaign assigns this broadcast push message to that campaign. 



  • Android: This field is used to enter the subject of the push notification. If the push notification subject is hardcoded into the app, you can leave this field blank.
  • iOS: This field is used to enter the message of the push notification.


  • Android: This field is used to enter the message of the push notification.
  • iOS: This field is not used.


Message Data Payload: The entered value is sent along with the push notification as an extended data. This value can be used to take the consumer to a particular screen inside the app or deep linking to a particular offer, etc. The entered value is treated as a JSON value.

Start Date and Time: The date and time at which the push message will be sent. For deployments with a large number of consumers the push messages will be sent out over several minutes from the start date and time.

Send Relative To: This is a dropdown containing two options: Consumer’s Device Time Zone and Server Time. The Consumer’s Device Time Zone option allows consumers to receive push notifications at their local time irrespective of the Plexure platform's configured time zone. The Server Time option will send the push notification to the consumers at the same time.

Offer: Links to an offer and includes the offer ID in the push message payload. Not ever seen by the consumer. 

Badge Number: Along with the push message the Plexure platform can send a badge number to iOS devices only. This appears as a number inside a small red circle on the app icon. The badge number can only be manually set and cannot reference exactly how many new offers any one consumer might have. 

Sound: The Plexure platform can send a sound that will chime if the consumer has their device volume turned on when the push message is received.

Filter: Broadcast push messages support consumer tags as filters. One or more consumer tags can be selected and only consumers with those tag(s) will be sent the broadcast push message.


Reach Estimate: When no filters are applied the reach estimate will show the number of push message tokens in Plexure. As each tag is added to the filter the reach estimate will update to display the number of consumers who have both a push message token and the selected tag(s).


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