Submitting a Zendesk Ticket/Enquiry

Important Notes about submitting a request

Customer is advised to use Plexure Support Portal to raise any requests. This will ensure request is recorded and tracked in a timely manner in-line with agreed support SLA and based on the right category, criticality and priority.

We encourage customers to raise the initial ticket/request via the support portal as this will ensure that all required information is provided, as a ticket is raised via email often provides insufficient information to process and further to and fro communication causes slower turnaround.

Please note that tickets with insufficient information to action or investigate will be sent back to the originator requesting for more information, and will not initiate the SLA clock.

Plexure Support Centre link is


Step One: Account Setup

(if you are an existing user this step can be skipped)

Access the Plexure support site at the above provided address

Select the "Sign In" button from the top right of the homepage

Select the "New to Plexure? Sign Up" button

Fill out the details and confirm registration. The above screen will show and a confirmation email will be sent to the address used for sign-up to confirm account creation.

Step two (Submitting a ticket)

Select the "Submit Request" button from the top right of the homepage

From the drop down menu select the necessary form based on the user situation and requirements


Depending on the user needs one of four forms will display.

Form 1: Incident/technical problem

Note: There are three versions of this form depending on the area the issue falls under

a. Platform


b. Mobile SDK


c. Data


Please note that while the additional boxes are not marked as required by the platform and can be left empty when submitting a ticket, they are mandatory for problem resolution.

Form 2: Service and change request


Form 3: Enquiry


Form 4: App verification service request


Once the appropriate form has been filled out, select the "Submit Button" from the bottom of the page.

Note: Additional explanation for the respective fields can be found from the link highlighted in red boxes.

Step Three: Reviewing Tickets

By selecting the "My Activities" button from next to the "Submit Request" button, one can view all of their requested tickets and tickets you are cc'd to, as well as other request from the client organization you belong to.


Step 4: Additional details And Reviewing Tickets

 By selecting and clicking on one of the current tickets, the user may review any details, and further comments or updates can be added.



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