How To Create A Birthday Offer With A Push Notification


The Birthday Offer is a discount, promotion or reward offered to a consumer when. On their birthday, the consumer will receive a special birthday offer as well as a push message notifying them of the birthday offer being available. The offer can be set, to be available to a consumer, for one day on their birthday or for a week starting the day of their birthday. Offers can be targeted towards certain consumers, so as to facilitate personal relevance.

In order to get this working you will need to setup a birthday reward offer (covered below) and then a recurring push message (covered in the push message creation section). The recurring birthday push message will need to be associated with the relevant birthday surprise offer, so it is important the offer is created first.

Step 1: Up Front Setup

Ensure you are logged in and in the Merchant Campaign Section


Ensure there is already a Campaign created, if not, click on Create New and add a new Campaign to store your Loyalty Card against.

Step 2: Add New Offer

  • From the "Create New" drop down menu, select "New Offer".

Step 3: Enter Offer Information

All the required information about an offer is entered on this "New Offer" page. The key part here, for birthday surprise offers, is applying either the "Birthday Today" tag or the "Birthday Last 7 Days" tag in the consumer targeting filter.


Offer Creation Field
Payment Method In store payment is the standard option unless mobile payment is enabled.
Campaign The campaign with which the offer is associated.
Customer's Redemption Limit Select either unlimited redemptions or set number of redemptions per customer.
Code Type This relates to the method of redemption.
Hot Deals Page (optional field) An offer can be listed as a "hot offer" to give it a priority listing.
Weighting (optional field) When multiple offers are in the same no-compete group only the one with the highest weighting will be visible to the consumer.
SMS Channel (optional field)
Extended Data (optional field) Extended data will not be visible to the consumer but can be used to help identify the offer in the backend.
Promotional Image (optional field) The promotional image that will be shown to the consumer.
Title The title of the offer; for the consumer to read.
Offer Start Date Select when the offer will go live.
Offer End Date Select when the offer will expire.

Daily Offer Start Time

(optional field) The time of day at which the offer becomes available to consumers.
Daily Offer End Time (optional field) The time of day from which the offer is no longer available to consumers.
Days of the Week Select which days of the week the offer will be available to consumers.
No-Compete Group (optional field) When multiple offers are in the same no-compete group only the one with the highest weighting will be visible to the consumer.
Category Enter what category of offers is this new offer associated with.
Description A brief description of the offer; for the consumer to read.
Terms Terms and conditions relating to the offer.
Sub-Categories (optional field) Can select an sub-categories with which to associate the offer.
Giftable (optional field) The offer can be made giftable for social sharing between consumers.
Percentage of the Discount The percentage discount that the consumer gains from the offer is used for repotting.
Financial Value of the Discount (optional field) Entering the financial value of the discount allows for it to be used in reporting.
Consumer Tags (optional field) Allows targeting of certain consumers based on their tags.
Operating Condition Tags (optional field) Apply operating condition tags to filer offers based on the weather conditions etc.
Location The location fields can either be set to "everywhere" so as not to target the offer based on consumers location, or it can be set to geofence. If set to geofence you will need to select a pre made goefence in which the offer will be visible.
The Stores Select in which store the offer can be redeemed.

Step 4: Publish Offer

When all the required information has been entered you can select to save it as a draft or publish the offer. 

Once you select "Publish Offer" the offer will be published and if the current date is included between the offer start and end dates, then it will now be live.

Step 5: Ensure that the Offer has been Published

To check that the offer now has the status: "Published".

You can also use the filter the top left to see which offers are publish - live, up coming, or expired.



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