Offer Categories And Offer SubCategories


Categories and Subcategories is a way of grouping offers together. Categories and Subcategories are sent with the offer details and the device can sort offers by these fields. Grouping offers into categories and subcategories can also provide useful reporting insights. 


Categories Example: Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Automotive

Subcategories Example: Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening


Step 1: Setting Up Categories

Setting up categories currently needs to be done by Plexure support staff. Please contact your Plexure representative with your list of categories and they will arrange for them to be setup in your instance. Each Category can be alphanumeric and up to 100 characters long. Each category can have an individual image, both a standard image and a selected image. Category images only need to be configured if the images are going to be used on the app. 

Step 2: Setting Up Subcategories

Setting up subcategories can be done by any backend platform user with access to the Merchant organisation. Two example images are below of a range of subcategories and the screen for creating a new subcategory. 




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