Finding the DeviceId of a User

In some cases, you may need to identify the deviceId of a user. To find what deviceId has been assigned to a user, follow the below simple steps.

Assumption: You have a valid Username or ConsumerId of a user


  1. Log into the Plexure platform
  2. Under Owner level, go to Settings and navigate to Consumers
  3. Navigate to Consumer Search
  4. Enter the username in the Partial Username field
  5. Search for the user
  6. Click Devices along the top tab
  7. The Devices screen will now show the Device ID and associated Token (either GCM or APNS) for push notifications  

Note: If the Devices list is blank, this normally indicates the user has logged out. The user will need to log back in again and this should repopulate the device details back into this screen.


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