Geofence Push Notifications

The purpose of this article is to provide a guideline around how to troubleshoot geofence push messaging and areas you can check when issues are encountered when using this function, e.g. a user did not receive a message when entering into the geofence. 

Before starting, we highly recommend you read over this document to gain a better understanding of how this technology works and what is to be expected. This document is also intended to make you aware of some of the variables/limitations, which are outside the control of the Plexure SDK or platform, that need to be considered as this may affect the consistency rate of a user(s) receiving geofence push notifications.

In order for a user to successfully receive a geofence message, we take into account the below assumptions:

  • Apps are enabled with geofence functionality via the Plexure SDK
  • Location services enabled on the device
  • Push notifications enabled on the device
  • Active network connection i.e. Mobile or WiFi
  • Geofence areas are setup correctly in the platform
  • Geofence push message setup correctly in the platform
  • Geofence restrictions have not been meet (this is a platform settings) e.g. the platform may be configured to only allow a user to receive 1 x geofence message within a 7 day period 
  • The geofence was not entered within a blackout period. Note: a blackout period is a time frame, set by the platform, where geofence messages will not be sent to users within the period specified


Click here to enable the diagnostics screen through the Plexure SDK.

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