Reset Redeemed Offers

In some situations there maybe a requirement to reset a user's offer redemption record. This is will allow the user to subsequently redeem a non-repeatable offer however please note, this action is primarily used in testing scenarios and may have impacts to other areas of the platform e.g. offer redemption reports.

You can reset a user's redemption list by either the consumerId or deviceId.  

Note: Non-repeatable offers are considered as offers which can only be redeemed once by a unique consumerId/deviceId. 

To find the deviceId of a user follow this guide here


  1. Log into the Plexure platform
  2. Under Owner level, go to Conusmers
  3. Enter the username in the Partial Username field
  4. Search for the user
  5. Click Reset Redeemed Offers
  6. Enter in either the consumerId or deviceId
  7. Click Reset Redemptions
  8. Message box will show confirming the request. Click "OK"
  9. The user's offer redemption record will now be deleted

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