Enabling Device Logging

Device logging is particularly useful in monitoring a user's interaction with the Plexure platform. The logs keep a record of which Plexure API's the user has made a request to and also includes the response the platform had returned back to the user. This can be useful when troubleshooting geofence or beacon functionality and can also be helpful in troubleshooting what content (e.g. banner ads or offers) was returned to the user.

You can currently enable device logging via the user's consumer ID or the user's device id. 

Note: Device logging is not enabled by default for all users. Device logging is only enabled for specific devices/users on a case by case basis and will only start logging consumer activity once logging has been enabled, i.e. it does not have the ability to log activity that occurred historically.  

Assumption: The user has an active network connection, i.e. a device log entry will only be recorded when the request to the Plexure server was successfully sent and received.  


  1. Log into the Plexure platform
  2. Under Owner level, go to Settings and navigate to Developer Tools
  3. Under Developer Tools navigate to Device and Consumer Logs
  4. Type in a Name (this will be the name of your log)
  5. For Filter Type, depending how you plan on tracking this user, select either Device Id or Consumer Id
  6. For Filter, enter in the Device Id of the user or the Consumer Id of the user
  7. Click Add
  8. The platform will now start tracking by the user via Consumer ID or Device ID


Device Logging - Consumer ID


Device Logging - Device ID

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