Creating a New Tag Value

Below is a list of steps to create a new Tag Value in the Plexure platform. The new tag could then be used to target a specific group of users/consumers. 

Assumptions: A Tag Group and Tag have already been created. 


  1. Log into the Plexure platform
  2. Under Owner level, go to Settings and navigate to Tags
  3. Click New Tag Value
  4. Select the Tag you want to add the Tag Value to
  5. Enter in Name
  6. Enter in a ReferenceCode (typically separated by an underscore or dash character, e.g. test_tag)
  7. Tick "Updateable by Consumer API (Note: By ticking this option will allow the Plexure Consumer API to add this tag to users)
  8. Tick "Visible to Consumer API" 
  9. Optional = Include In Reporting and Copy Tag
  10. Select Visible to = All Tenants unless you only want the tag to be visible under specific Merchants
  11. Click Save
  12. Once the tag is created, you can follow this guide to add the tag to a user: Adding Tags To A User


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