Send Push Message via Notification Hub Tool

Below are the steps to send a direct push notification via the Notification Hub Tool in the Plexure platform. 

Assumptions: Push messaging is enabled/configured on the app side with Plexure SDK.


  1. Log into the Plexure platform
  2. Under Owner level, go to Settings and navigate to Developer Tools
  3. Under Developer Tools navigate to Notification Hub Query Tool
  4. Under Search String, enter in the Consumer ID obtained from the Consumer Search screen
  5. Before sending the message, click Query (Note: if the response is empty after querying the Consumer ID, this indicates the user is not synced to the Plexure push notification system, therefore will not be able to receive push messages)
  6. Select the correct message template, i.e. Apple (APNS) or Google (GCM) and change the message payload if necessary
  7. Click Send Message

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