Version 2.41+

V(2.41, + 2.41.1, 2.41.2, 2.41.3, 2.41.4, 2.41.5, 2.41.6) RELEASE NOTES

Released in August 2017

Release Summary

23 Features Delivered

23 Bugs Fixed


Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)


Features/Enhancements Delivered

Refactor Extended Data Controller

Move the extended data business logic from the controller to the business layer


Consumer Tag Evaluators Support Min and Max Occurrences

Consumer Tag Evaluators support Min and Max values for number of occurrences


Merchant Specific Extended Data Templates

Extended Data Templates can now be setup so they are only visible to a specific Merchant


Support Scheduling Of Multiple Store Importers

The Store Importer Cron Job now support multiple store importer configs


Consumer Events Using Origin Device Events

All Consumer Even Configurations now support a new property which when set to true, the Tag Evaluator will also look at the Origin Device Account Events in addition to the Consumer Account Events


Store Origin Device ID For Email Registrations

Email Registration now also saves the Origin Device Account Id, giving us a link between Consumer Email Account and Device Registration Account


Email Registration API Copy Tag Support

The Consumer Email Registration API has been updated to support the new copy tag value property


Copy Tag Value Setting

A tag can be configured to be copied from the device account when a user completes email registration.


Worker Roles Log Tenant and Module IDs in New Relic

No release notes populated.


Improvements to Consumer Event Tagging feature (2.41.1)

The consumer events system retains events longer, allowing customer to be migrated off the legacy activity tagging system.


Improvements to Consumer Cross-Reference storage (2.41.1)

Update cross references to allow a delta to be copied rather than the entire set


Add configuration switch to turn off logging tag failures. (2.41.2)

A platform setting can be used to supress logging of incorrect tag reference codes.


Upgrade 'no-compete group' logic to only exclude to active offers (2.41.2)

A platform setting can be used to return multiple offers within the same no-compete group until an active offer is found.


Up the consumer event info limits to 11 for appstart and redemption (2.41.3)

Enable Web Compression on GET Loyalty Cards endpoint. (2.41.4)


Social Login Twitter Tag Rules (2.41.4)

Tag rules can now be configured to trigger on a Social Login when the source is Twitter


Merchant Specific Tag value visibility to be implemented for Weighting Tags (2.41.4)

The 'Add weight by Tag' tag lists are now filtered according to the same merchant rules as the consumer targetting lists.


Expose Communiq XRef on the consumer details page (2.41.4)


Track Message Handling Success/Failure (2.41.6)

At each point in the activity pipeline we should be able to see metrics around location check-ins so that we can monitor the success rate of geofence messages.


Remove the old Customer Performance Counter code from the solution (2.41.6)


Delete Obsolete tables from SQL Database and Data Libraries (2.41.6)


Tidy up Job Scheduling code to remove confusion over how many instance a job could be scheduled on. (2.41.6)


Configurize the ttl for location checkins (2.41.6)

Currently a location check-in and subsequent messaging tasks will skip out if it is more than 5 minutes since the activity occurred.

We need to be able to configure this value in case a tenant decides that time period should be larger or smaller.

Bug Fixes

  • Update Azure Storage Nuget Packages
  • Delete Consumer Bug
  • Consumer Tag Updating could fail when single tag results in a batch constraint violation. (2.41.1)
  • Extended Data for Offers and Advertisements incorrect when managed via merchant API (2.41.1)
  • Messages API - List Messages - Excessively calls Storage (2.41.2)
  • Inconsistency with No Compete group behaviour with inactive offers (2.41.3)
  • Some devices unable to reset redeemed offers (2.41.3)
  • Get loyalty card returns the incorrect result when merchantID=0 (2.41.3)
  • GeoTiles not updated when new GeoFence created (2.41.3)
  • Advertisement is not returned even though the consumer is in allowed timezone (2.41.4)
  • CreationDate missing in ConsumerInfo table. 'Since Registration' Tag rules not working as expected (2.41.4)
  • ConsumerTagEvaluation Scheduled Job could execute twice on one day (2.41.4)
  • Age Range Tag rules not working for some Tenants (Root cause is sort order and additional data being overwritten on save) (2.41.4)
  • Get Redeemed Offers throws exception if the consumerInfo gets re-populated during the request. Underlying issue is VSTS-8361 (2.41.4)
  • Get all messages API: Adding a Tag with flag position is null breaks messaging API (2.41.4)
  • GMAL2 Analytics Dashboard Demographics Page shows conflict figures (2.41.5)
  • McD Japan - Consumer Update API throw error 500 if First/Last name contains '/' (2.41.5)
  • Error when calling Loyalty Cards with Merchant ID (2.41.5)
  • List Loyalty card throws 500 error when there is bad data (in Localized content) (2.41.5)
  • Offer API - Search Offers: Reward offers are not filtered based on the Merchant id (2.41.5)
  • The maximum number of operations allowed in one batch has been exceeded. (2.41.5)
  • TaskHandlers are adding the New Relic custom attribute even if the message is not intended for that handler (2.41.6)
  • Resolve database performance issue seen when consumer tag evaluation lists are generated. (2.41.6)







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