Why is my loyalty card appearing even though I don't have the relevant tags?

Customers sometimes report that a loyalty card is displaying for a consumer even though that consumer does not have the tags the loyalty card is configured to target.

This occurs in the following scenario:

  1. A loyalty card is created without any consumer targeting tags added
  2. A user sees and activates the loyalty card. The user now has an instance of this loyalty card
  3. A consumer tag is now added to the loyalty card so it only targets certain users
  4. For users who already have an activated instance of the loyalty card (i.e. before the tags were added), the platform will still return the loyalty card to the user regardless of whether they have the tag or not.

The loyalty card will continue to be returned to the user because the user already has an instance of the loyalty card, and by design the platform will continue to allow the consumer to see this loyalty card - doing otherwise would be a poor user experience as a partially completed loyalty card would suddenly disappear, and likely lead to customer support calls.

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