Version 2.40



Released in July 2017

Release Summary

5 Features Delivered

1 Bugs Fixed


Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)


Features Delivered

Index Rebuild Job Optimization

The index rebuild job has been optimized to give priority to indexes with high fragmentation


Config Setting For Disabling Reports

There is a new config setting where one can disable all reports on the portal for a particular tenant


Tag Evaluator Config Enhancement

The Tag Evaluators now support an optional boolean where one can specify whether the config should look at In-App Redemptions or In-Store Redemptions


Log Consumer In-Store Redemption Events

In-Store Redemption events are now logged so that they can used by the Consumer Tag Evaluators


Record Tenant and Module ids on New Relic

Both the Tenant Id and the Module Id is recorded in New Relic giving a better picture of what modules clients are using


Bug Fixes

  • Localization UI Fix


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