Version 2.39


Released in June 2017

Release Summary

10 Features Delivered

1 Bugs Fixed


Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)


Features Delivered 

Added XRef Secondary Index Boolean

Added a new boolean to the the XRef table to distinguish between primary and secondary indexes


Burn Offer API Check Expiry On Auto-Generated Codes

The Burn Offer API now has logic to validate the Offer Auto-Generated Code expiry


Short Code Integers Support Base N Numbers

One can now specify the short code numbers to use any Base N system with custom digits, effectively allowing alphanumeric codes


Direct Push Message API Activities

Push Messages sent via the Direct Push Message API generate Push Message Sent Activities now


Merchant Predefined Codes Upload API Async Support

The Merchant API used to upload predefined codes for a particular offer now supports async processing


Merchant Level Multi-Language Support

One can now specify which languages a Merchant can see when setting up content on the UI


Move Push Message Activity Report

Moved the Push Message Activity Report to the Settings menu


Filter Loyalty Cards By Merchant ID

The List Loyalty Cards API now has an optional filter for Merchant ID


Ability To Disable Reporting DB

Ability to disable reporting database on the tenant level


Bug Fixes

  • Ads No-Compete Group Bug
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