Version 2.38


Released in May 2017

Release Summary

12 Features Delivered

2 Bugs Fixed


Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)


Features Delivered

Merchant Get Organisation API Returns

The Merchant Get Organisation API now returns the Forced Consumer Tag Reference Codes


Forced Consumer Tagging On Operator Level

When setting up an Operator type Organisation there is ability to add Force Consumer Tag for filtering purposes


Accept-Language Returned Back In Password Reset Email

The Accept-Language value is now returned back in the URL template for Email Password Reset


Tag Visibility on Content UI

When setting up content on the following screens:- - Offer Setup - Ads Setup - LC Setup - Push Message Setup The Merchant will only see Tag Values which are visible to them or visible across all merchants


Redemption Text Expiry Returned Across APIs

The Redemption Text Expiry is now returned back in the following APIs Offer API - Get Offer Offer API - Nearby Offers Offer API - Search Offers Consumer API - Weighted Content Consumer API - Weighted Content Item Consumer API - ListFavouriteContents Consumer API - CreateRedeemedOffers Consumer API - ListRedeemedOffers


Redemption Text Code Expiry

The Redemption Offer Text Expiry for Auto-generated and Predefined Code Offers is returned in the Offer Redemption API response


Redemption Text Expiry For Auto-generated/Predefined Code Offer Types

Campaign managers can now specify a code expiry time limit on Auto-generated and Predefined Code Offer Types


Merchant Tag Values

On the Owner level a use can now create a Tag Value that will only be visible to a specific Merchant


Offer Terms And Condition Field Size Increase

The size of the Offer Terms and Conditions is now increased to 4000 characters


Repeatable Offer Limit

Repeatable offers now support a limit parameter in order to restrict the number of times and offer can re-spawn


Search Consumer by Cross Reference or Tag

The Merchant Search Consumer API now supports filtering by Cross Reference or Consumer Tag


Health Check Monitor Failure Summary

The Health Check monitor now shows a detailed summary of the test that has failed


Bug Fixes

  • UI Bug Fix On Offer Form
  • Extended Data UI Bug
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