Questions for Troubleshooting

Platform issues:

  • Provide a detail description of the issue
    1. Please do keyword search in Help Centre portal to check if similar tickets have been logged previously and verify if new issue or recurrence of issue. Please provide reference to previous ticket if it is a recurrence.
    2. Please specify what the expected behaviour should be
    3. Provide details of the current actual behaviour
  • Confirm that platform and user setup has been checked and confirmed that it has been setup appropriately.
  • Specify what functionality is affected - Provide:
    1. links/URLs
    2. Screenshots
    3. Diagnostic logs
  • How many people are impacted, please provide multiple examples with relevant details including:
    1. Environment and Tenant ID. Eg. Production lgm999
    2. Merchant/Market, store name
    3. specific users’ details
      1. ConsumerID
      2. Email address
  • Any other relevant references
    1. time of day and dates (specify timezone)
    2. details of the setup/content in question i.e. campaign, offers, push notifications
      1. ensure detail references such as the IDs and or description of content
    3. What device are they using, is this both on iOS and Android
  • Ensure you can replicate issue
    1. Provide steps to replicate
    2. Specify the accounts used
    3. Specify devices used type and model (please check behaviour is occurring both on iOS and Android)

Criteria for a critical issue:

Before a critical issue is raised, please ensure it fits within a combination of the following;

  • Issue causing end users issues relating to core functionality – i.e. unable to get offers, and or redeem
  • Issue can be replicated and is happening consistently
  • Issue affecting more than 10+ users
  • Issue affecting multiple markets


SDK /APP issues:

  1. App build details: Please specify versions of Android / iOS builds and provide us with access [(please also confirm that there have not been any changes to the certs. the apps should be using production certs)]
  2. Device details and OS version: Please specify the model of device the issue was reported on and the version of operating software installed i.e. Samsung S10 v10.0, iPhone x  9.0 etc
  3. SDK version of the build the issue is seen in. Have this issue occur previously? If yes, which build/SDK version?
  4. Device network state: Connected/Disconnected. Connected via (WiFi, 3G, 4G, Airplane, etc)
  5. Steps to replicate: please provide us with the steps that should allow us to replicate the issue
  6. Error logs: please supply any error logs or screenshots related to the issue or that you think may be of assistance.
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