How to Enable Device Logging in Plexure Platform


Plexure platform can be used to enable device logging for any devices that has Mobile application, which uses Plexure SDK installed and initialized. Device logging can be used to monitor API calls made via the mobile app to the Plexure platform to review request and responses. It is a commonly used tool by Plexure support team to investigate and troubleshoot client issues.

Steps Enable Device logging:

Step 1: Identify Device ID:

 To enable device Logging in Plexure Platform, we would need Device ID of the test device. It can be obtained by following:

Option 1. Use proxy tools like fiddler or Charles to view Request headers of any API calls made to Plexure platform. Request Headers contain header filed ‘x-vmob-uid’ which is Plexure Device ID.

Option 2. Use Plexure Consumer details page to identify Device ID:

  1. Go to Plexure Platform, consumer search page. To go to consumer page please go to Owner > Consumer Search


  1. Search your test consumer using username. A username can be an email address or a pseudo ID. Once the search results return your test consumer, then click on the username to go to consumer details page:


Img-1: Consumer search page in Plexure platform, searching consumer using partial username

  1. On the consumer details page click on Devices

Img-2: Consumer details page


  1. Device ID’s: Device ID column will give you a list of all the devices were the user registered or logged in using the client mobile application.



Img-3: Cosumer details - Devices page view

Step 2: Go to Plexure platform Owner > Developer tools > Device and consumer logs

Img-4: Device and consumer log page



Steps 3: Enter any Name and device ID obtained from Step 1 and click on Add.



 Step 4: To validate if device logging is enabled for correct test consumer, launch the client mobile application on the test device, and go to offers page.


Img-5: Device logging enabled for test device 

Step 5: Go to Plexure platform Owner > Developer tools > Device and consumer logs and download your test device logs. These logs are CSV and can be viewed using Excel.

Step 6: Device Logs sample


Img-6: Sample device log csv view in excel

Analyse Device Logs

In order to make good use of device logs, it is better to understand Plexure platform API calls made by the mobile app:

For ex:

To investigate Beacon Push messages not received when user walks in a Beacon region, please look for Endpoints, ‘/activities’ and search for 'actionTypeCode':'22' i.e. Beacon check in. If this activity is not triggered then the Plexure platform will not be able to trigger beacon push message.

Similarly, if investigating Geofence push messages, download logs to confirm if the Plexure SDK has triggered a geofence Check in Activity for ‘actiontypecodes’ = 1

For more details around ‘actiontypecodes’ please refer to

  • For Offers Please look up API end point responses for ‘/v3/Offers’
  • For offer redemption please look up API end point ‘ /v3/consumers/redeemedOffers’
  • For Advertisments please look up API end point ‘/v3/advertisements’
  • For Email registration, please look up API end point ‘/v3/emailRegistrations’

More details around Plexure API calls please refer to Plexure support portal:



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