How to analyse and compare consumer interaction with Loyalty Cards Campaigns


A. Campaign Activity

To analyse and compare consumer interaction with Loyalty Card(s) associated with different campaigns, log into the Plexure Platform and navigate to “Reporting>Campaign Activity” under “Owner” level.


You can filter the result using the following:

  1. Merchant
  2. Campaign
  3. Loyalty Card Activities
    1. Loyalty Card Impressions
    2. Loyalty Card Transactions
    3. Loyalty Card Instances Activated
    4. Loyalty Card Rewards Activated
  4. Time
    1. Hour
    2. Day
    3. Month
    4. Year
  5. Start Date - End Date


The result can be viewed using one of the following options:

  1. Line Chart
  2. Bar Chart
  3. Table

B. Troubleshooting Guide for customer self-service

1. Consumer did not get loyalty points

1.1 Merchant API - Add POS Sales (Client Check)


{organisationId} = Merchant under which the loyalty card has been created.

If the above end-point is being used to add loyalty points to the consumer, the following checks can be made to troubleshoot the problem:

                1. “Product Code” used in the “Request Body” should have been added to the loyalty card prior to when the request was made.

                2. “Quantity” sent in the “Request Body” is not 0. The points are added to the consumer based on “(quantity) * (points for the particular product code)”.


1. Get a list of reward offers associated with a loyalty card

In order to retrieve a list of reward offers associated with a loyalty card refer to:

When a successful request is made to get loyalty cards as described in the link, the response will contain an array of Loyalty Card Object each containing an array of reward offers associated with the loyalty card. 

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