Version 2.34


Released in February 2017

Release Summary

6 Features Delivered

2 Bugs Fixed


Notable Changes

(any changes that have some sort of important / breaking change / negative impact on user experience)


Features Delivered

Activity API Error Handling Improvements

Improved error handling on Activities that come in with an invalid IDs


Scheduled Store Importer HTTP Header Support

When scheduling the store importer one can specify custom HTTP Headers to be included in the request


Venue IDs Support For Offer Search API

The Offer Search API now supports a new optional filter for Venue Ids


Merchant Cross Reference API Performance Improvement

Changes made to Cross Reference Merchant API to improve performance


Message Table Performance Improvement

Added new index to message table in order to improve performance


New Direct Push Message API Endpoint

Added new Direct Push Message API endpoint that supports a list of customer Ids


Bug Fixes

  • Geofence Push Message Approval Form Improvement
  • Mobile App Version Tag Fix
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