What Consumer Information does Plexure store?

Plexure stores different types of consumer data:

  • Consumer profile data
  • Consumers device data
  • Consumer purchase history (POS Transaction Data)

Consumer Profile data: Consumer profile data is usually captured when a consumer registers or updates their profile via channels like web or mobile.

Consumer profile data includes:

First Name  Optional
Last Name  Optional
Full Name  Optional
Email Address  Optional
Gender  Optional 
Home City  Optional 
Username*  Compulsory
Password*  Compulsory
Date Of Birth  Optional
Extended Data Optional - this can store data including key value pairs as well as more complex object structured data


Please note, only username and password are required field during a registration process all other are optional.  The username is enforced to be unique.


Consumer device related information:




Platform Authorisation Token

The API authorization token for a specific channel (like access for an Android App) to communicate via the Consumer API's

Consumer Token

The consumer's unique authorization token.  This is provided by registering or logging in. All API calls with this consumer token have the consumer context, for example, getting a list of offers will be related to the offers relevant to this consumer.

Unique Device Identifier

For iOS this is a generated unique identifier and is only valid for Plexure, it is not an identifier that is shared with any other platform. For Android this is provided by the operating system.

Push Messaging Token

For iPhone this is the APNS (Apple Push Notification System) token, for Android this is the GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) key - both of these tokens are used to identify a specific consumer's device and App for receiving push messages. These are provided by Apple and Google respectively.

Device Information


Mobile App Version

The version of the customer mobile app

Plexure SDK Version

The version of the Plexure SDK

Device Screen Resolution

The pixel dimensions of the device's screen

Device Operating System Version

The device operating system version

Device UTC Offset

The current device offset from UTC time e.g. -12:00

User Agent

The device's user agent details in this format: Rendering Engine/Version (System and Browser information)

Device Language

The language and culture code the device is requesting. e.g. en-US

Network and Connectivity


Network Type

The network type of the connection used to make the call e.g. WiFi, 4G, 3G

Network Operator

The mobile network operator the phone is using for transmitting data e.g. Vodafone

Location Services


Device Latitude

The current latitude of the device

Device Longitude

The current longitude of the device

Location Accuracy

The accuracy of the latitude and longitude in metres

Beacons Nearby

A list of the beacons currently detected by the device, including their UUID, major and minor identifiers



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